Truman B. Crisler has been called a 21st century Renaissance man but prefers the moniker of “adventurer”. The Muscle Shoals, Alabama native has written and produced hit songs for a myriad of top selling artists worldwide, amassing sales in excess of 35 million copies and receiving a half dozen ASCAP radio performance awards. A world renown metal detectorist, he has found British national treasure on multiple occasions including the single most valuable artifact found in Britain in 2008, a 15th century solid gold John the Baptist, now residing in the British Museum. He has guest hosted the NPR show “The Thomas Jefferson Hour”, conducted lectures on subjects as varied as Medieval illuminated manuscripts and theology of the enlightenment and collected fine historical artifacts ranging from 3000 year old Luristan culture bronzes to antique American Indian wars firearms.

In 2009 Crisler discovered the idiosyncratic field of portrait miniatures almost by accident, buying his first miniature in a lot of various other antiques. “I was immediately fascinated by the confluence of history, art, science and treasure as well as the deeply intimate nature of portrait miniatures. It was a perfect storm of passions that captured my imagination in a way no other art or antiquity genre had before.”

Under the tutelage of generous expert mentors, Truman B. Crisler has become adept at securing, researching, identifying and conserving these wonderful treasures, handling nearly a thousand pieces over the past 6 years.  He continues to contribute to the scholarship of the field, locating previously undocumented artists and examples.

“These wonderful ‘pictures in little’ provide an important link to the past. They not only enlighten us to a now lost art form, they remind us who we are and what is important to us as human beings.  It is my pleasure to help place these once beloved heirlooms back into contexts where they will once again be treasured for generations to come.”